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Iphone 6 7 8 X Xs Xr Broken Glass Replacement Lcd Display Glass Repair Repair

Replacing broken glass iphone repairing slide regeneration LCD display, choose your Iphone model

  • Iphone 6 Bianco
  • Iphone 6 Nero
  • Iphone 6 Plus Bianco
  • Iphone 6 Plus Nero
  • Iphone 6S Bianco
  • Iphone 6S Nero
  • Iphone 6S PLUS Bianco
  • Iphone 6S PLUS Nero
  • Iphone 7 Bianco
  • Iphone 7 Nero
  • Iphone 7 Plus Bianco
  • Iphone 7 Plus Nero
  • Iphone 8 Bianco
  • Iphone 8 Nero
  • Iphone 8 PLUS Bianco
  • Iphone 8 PLUS Nero
  • Iphone X
  • Iphone XS
  • Iphone XR
  • Iphone 11
  • Iphone XS MAX
  • Iphone 11 PRO
  • Iphone 11 PRO MAX
  • Iphone 11 NO NOTIFICA
  • Iphone 11 PRO NO NOTIFICA
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The cost includes repair and delivery to your home of the repaired device.
You just have to buy the service and send the device.

Why buy the service ?:
1) Guaranteed savings, we offer you experience, reliability and professionalism
2) Times of quality and quality of repair. Guaranteed the 3d touch function
3) Warranty on repair. If anything goes wrong it's all right for us, you will not have to pay extra costs in addition to the initial ones.

This repair includes:
Just replacing glass for iphone, choose your Iphone model.

are 3-5 working days to which the shipment times for sending the device are normally 96 working hours

How does it work?:
1) Purchase the service and send us your device with a form that you will receive via email
2) As soon as we receive the device we will normally repair it within 1-3 business days
3) We will ship your repaired device to your home with our courier and insured expedition.

The warranty covers only glass, lcd and other components are not replaced during repair and those already contained in the phone. Of course, if a component is damaged during repair, we will be responsible for all costs for replacing it. In the event LCD is damaged we will install a new compatible screen at our expense at no extra cost to you.

Questions and answers:
- When can I only replace glass?
If your device displays the image correctly without any stains or other, and the touch screen works, then we can only replace the glass.

- Should I send the device?
Yes. You can send it by mail or courier, be careful to choose safe shipment.

- How long will I stay without the device?
Repair times are 1-3 workdays, which should normally be shipped with 96 working hours. Clearly send your device first before you receive it.

- Is the shipment to return the device secure?
We ship with the insured shipment. In the case of a loss reimbursement you are required to provide a tax receipt or purchase invoice, otherwise the courier will not refund you.

- How much is the amount of the refund in case of loss?
We assure you the maximum possible amount. Then the insurance reimburses according to the tables in which the model of the phone, the date of purchase, is taken into account.

- I lose device data after repair?
No. But let's always do a backup of the data before sending us the phone. We are not responsible for any loss of data.

- After the glass replacement I can bring the device under warranty?
As a rule, glass replacement does not imply a loss of warranty, but we do not guarantee this.

- Do waterproof devices after repair lose this property?
We do not guarantee the waterproofness after performing the repair.

- Do the devices with 3D Touch after repair lose this property?
The 3D touch will continue to work even after repair.

Watch the videos:

We are specialists in glass replacement for Iphone and Samsung all the repairs are done professionally with solid glue. We also perform welding work on motherboards.

Video Glass Replacement iphone 6S

Video Glass Replacement iphone 7

Is this repair not compatible with your device?
Visit the repair section, or do not hesitate to contact us at 0931-921988 or send us an email.

We also withdraw your displays from Iphone 6S, please contact us.

Iphone Glass Replacement Phases:
Step 1 - Test the phone functions
Step 2 - Glass Cleavage
Step 3 - Lcd Cleaning - Polarized Film Application
Step 4 - Application with Solid Goose
Step 5 - Lcd and glass gluing, insertion into the laminator
Step 6 - Bubble Removal
Step 7 - Final Operation Test

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