These Terms are for the purchase of products and services, carried out remotely via computer network between HousePc of Bastante Salvatore with headquarters in Via Oberdan, 19-96010 Solarino (SR), hereinafter referred Housepc. Each purchase transaction will be governed by the provisions of Decree no. 185/99 and, as regards the protection of confidentiality, it will be submitted to the rules laid down in the Law n. 675/96 as amended.

Acceptance of general conditions of sale
The customer after confirming the order is committed to fully comply with the conditions of sale and payment to HousePc described below, claiming to have read and accepted in full all information provided to him by law.

Customer Commitments
Before confirming the purchase the customer is required to consult online conditions of sale, confirmation of the order implies full acceptance of the conditions of sale.

Sales prices
List prices in the products are intended inclusive of VAT. The VAT rate applied is Italian and is poured into Italy.
HousePc can change at any time the prices according to their needs without having to give explanations to anyone, also HousePc accept no responsibility whatsoever for any wrong description.

The term "available" or the quantity greater than zero view on the product page displayed is purely indicative, since several users at the same time can make purchases related to the same product. Therefore HousePc reserves the right, once received the order to check the availability of good and if it is no longer available to promptly notify the non-acceptance sent, no responsibility can be attributed to HousePc.

Purchase conditions
Before confirming the customer you will be shown the unit cost of each product chosen, the total cost when you purchase more products and related transport costs.
Confirming the acquisition, upon completion of the transaction, the customer will receive an e-mail message containing the date and the total amount of your order and the same detail, the customer agrees to verify the correctness and to communicate any corrections.
Subsequently HousePc check the availability of products and the accuracy of data entered by the customer.
The customer will receive by email all the information required to identify the seller and the customer must be kept together to e-mail of acceptance of the contract.

Orders cash on delivery:
For all orders where the customer selects as payment mark that cash on delivery is mandatory to enter a valid mobile number. The customer will contact by phone to confirm the order and the delivery address. After successful telephone confirmation Housepc send an email to the customer of acceptance. The customer agrees without any reserve to pay the order to delivery to the courier.

Purchase Repair Service:

This service provides for the purchase by the customer of a repair service, which sometimes also in combination includes the purchase of the component that will be installed to complete the service. The time to perform the repair service is 3 working days, to be added to these are the device transit times for sending Housepc to and from the customer and the delivery by the customer Housepc has been repaired. Delivery times are the responsibility of the courier and would normally be 48 working hours excluding the parcel to the courier delivery day. The customer is required to perform a full backup of your data before shipping the device. Housepc will never be held responsible for the loss of device data.

Housepc for delivery used a tracked shipment and assured. In case of loss of the package the customer is required to provide documentation relating to the purchase of the device, such as receipt or invoice for a refund. The refund amount is to be evaluated case by case basis and will be evaluated by the carrier on the basis of the tables, which hold the device against the model and date of purchase.

Upon delivery of the device repaired the customer is required to check the status of the case and should it become impaired sign subject. In the absence of the signature with reservation every opportunity for reimbursement is zero. Housepc can never be held responsible for any damage caused by the carrier during transport or other device.

Right of withdrawal:

Return Mode
Each withdrawal transaction will be governed by the provisions of Decree no. 21/2014. The Buyer shall be entitled to exercise the right to cancel the contract without penalty expressing his desire to withdraw within 14 days of receipt of the goods.
The only expense that the buyer will have to bear the cost of the return shipment.
The return of products must be made therefore to the Purchaser at:

Salvatore Bastante
Via Oberdan 19
96010 Solarino (SR)

Refund times and methods
After the Seller has received the returned products and checked that all requirements have been met, the Buyer will receive an e-mail confirmation of acceptance of the return. Whatever the method of payment used (paypal, bonofico, cash on delivery), the refund is activated HousePc as quickly as possible, and in any case within 14 days from the date on which it received the goods.
The Vendor will refund the Purchaser the entire amount paid for the purchase of products including any shipping costs with the same payment method used by the buyer.

To receive the full refund and not deducted must be met the following conditions:

the products must be free of any sign of wear caused by a partial use
products must include packaging, accessories and manuals
products must be shipped with suitable outer packaging to avoid damage during transport. Any damage incurred during transport can not be allocated to HousePc
return items must be delivered to the Seller within fourteen days from the date of notice of intention to withdraw
in the case of flat products must not be folded and the connectors must not have broken legs
in the case of glazing and touch it must not be removed the protective film and any adhesive
in the case of motherboards, the product must be made with the protective cover of the processor socket, and with the pins of the processor socket intact.
if HardDisk or storange typically the product will be returned without being used so without having already entered data of any kind.

It is understood that the risks of transport for the return of the products will be fully borne by the Buyer.

If they are not complied with these conditions entirely the product is considered to be manipulated and then the refund will be reduced.

Repair services available for purchase online, are not subject to the withdrawal right.

Cancellation orders
HousePc reserves the right to cancel an order or an order item if the following circumstances:

items that are reported as out of print by the distribution companies
Articles that problems can not be delivered by suppliers
credit card fraud
changes by supplier price
Failure to pay the order by the customer after 5 working days from date of purchase
failure to collect the products of order item within 5 working days from the communication of our operators in the event of choice shrinkage in the store and pay cash


For any legal dispute the jurisdiction in any case will be the one in Syracuse.


HousePc collects information through registration on the site to make purchases.
We do not collect any data related to credit cards on our servers.

Use of Personal Information
The information collected is handled by exclusively HousePc to manage the services we provide to our customers, and treated as per Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.

Sharing of personal data with third parties
The HousePc policy is to enhance the trust our customers have placed in us, so the customer data is not disclosed to third parties for any reason.

Third Party Advertising
HousePc accept third-party ads on the site, in different forms: banners, email campaigns, promotions, sponsorships, etc.
Under no circumstances advertisers can trace the customer data or can contact our customers directly.

Protection of personal data
The most sensitive information is accessible only to authorized employees.

Access to personal information from customers
Each customer can change your data at any time by accessing the customer.
It also can request the complete deletion of your account by contacting us, in this way, however, will not be able to execute orders from HousePc, unless you make a new recording.

Privacy policy
Personal and sensitive data are processed in compliance with the Italian Privacy Act. The manager is Salvatore Bastante.