Privacy Policy

HousePc collects information through registration on the site to make purchases.
We do not collect any data related to credit cards on our servers.

Use of Personal Information
The information collected is handled by exclusively HousePc to manage the services we provide to our customers, and treated as per Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.

Sharing of personal data with third parties
The HousePc policy is to enhance the trust our customers have placed in us, so the customer data is not disclosed to third parties for any reason.

Third Party Advertising
HousePc accept third-party ads on the site, in different forms: banners, email campaigns, promotions, sponsorships, etc.
Under no circumstances advertisers can trace the customer data or can contact our customers directly.

Protection of personal data
The most sensitive information is accessible only to authorized employees.

Access to personal information from customers
Each customer can change your data at any time by accessing the customer.
It also can request the complete deletion of your account by contacting us, in this way, however, will not be able to execute orders from HousePc, unless you make a new recording.

Privacy policy
Personal and sensitive data are processed in compliance with the Italian Privacy Act. The manager is Bastante Salvatore, owner of HousePc.