Repairing only for Italy:

- We offer assistance and repair computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and smartphones in Solarino, Syracuse
The vast experience in the field of repairs has allowed us to create a structure that allows us to manage repairs remotely by sending your phone or tablet, the repair in our laboratory and shipping the product repaired at pretty low rates. The remote repairs relate only to mobile phones and tablets. Visit the repair area. or contact us for further information or for a quote.
We specialize in the glass replacement and welding componeti for all the most popular smartphone models. Visit the repair area. a dedicated list will also be active for the service centers.
Buy your LCD display with just the broken glass that respond to the touch not buy all LCD models, contact us for more information.

Some of the operations that we perform:

Replacement LCD smartphone display
only smartphone glasses Substitution
Replacing internal components smartphone (artoparlanti, sim players, wiring, batteries, etc ..)
Configure Internet / Email / Applications on Smartphones
Formatting and Installing OS
Copy before formatting and reintegration data after formatting including email
Data recovery from PCs do not work (documents, photos, audio files, video files, email, etc ..)
Virus Removal (where possible)
Backing up data (documents, photos, audio files, video files, email, etc ..)
Creating email and configuring it
Mounting components inside PCs
Installation and Configuration ADSL router
Installing and configuring internet Pen
Optimization and PC cleaning and elimination of unnecessary processes that slow down your PC
Optimization of the operating system installed with anti-virus, anti-spyware, browser, e-mail and cleaning
Search and install device drivers
Installing software (applications)
Installing PC Games

Our repairs are accurate and fast.

Assistance to companies only for Italy:

for companies that want to have care carefree computing We offer technical assistance to companies with multiple computers and notebook leads through an annual contract from 250 + VAT.

Other services (only in stores):

- telephone Refills Three, Wind, Vodafone, Tim, Poste Mobile, DIGI mobil.
- Payment forecasts (electricity, gas, etc ..)
Installments we are affiliated with compass and Findomestic